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If you want to learn how to screen print, this section is right for

Find Printer

Helping you find the best Screen Printer via our wide customer list

Color Separation

We offer Color separation services in many different ways

Find Supplier

Our trusted channels of Screen Printing supplies and suppliers


Financing your Screen Printing Equipment is never been easier

Success Stories

Learn more about lots of great examples of Screen Printing success stories

Why Choose Us?

Creative People

Working with creative people teaches us that success is not only about good ideas, it's about good creative people.

We at INOVA SPE always relay on a creative people in every aspect, starting the equipment design, Manufacturing and Execution, Delivery, and Customer care.

Our Strengths

One of our big strengths that we all at INOVA S.P.E are making the decision a lot easier for our customers, by involving our previous knowledge in Sales and Marketing, we create an easy channel of communications and know-hows.

We also helps our customers laying down there Print shops, creating Eco-Friendly environments, helping them choose the right printing supplies e.g. inks, Emulsions, etc..