About Us

Our Story

A Jounery from an idea to reality 
INOVA Screen Printing Equipment established in 2015 to fulfill the need of our own T-shirt Printing business startup, while in the process of searching for the best methods of garment printing we discovered that the Egyptian market has not been improved nor updated to qualify the need of the worldwide challenges & Standards.

As a small business startup, we were surprised of Screen printing market handling in Egypt, where clients were either looking for extreme high quality & Durable machines to last longer in business which requires a lot of investment to purchase, other category of clients they have to go with the flow & buy machines which they can afford & those machines were really very old style.


We decided to go ahead manufacture our own product range of screen printing equipment just to ensure that we meet the international standards quality and technicality we seek on our prints. We designed and executed our first trial of the screen printing rotary press, but it was a big failure and didn't meet our expectations.

As wise man said: "Failure only leads to success"


We started working on a professional level using the latest technology in CAD and 3D Drawings, latest laser cutting methods, Bending, Lathing, and welding.

Silver Black 101 came to live, we keep getting suggestions to try sell it as it was almost perfect, we worked again on Branding, Marketing, Sales till our first purchase order in less than a month of our first announcement.

Now INOVA SPE is the only Company that provides its customers with the latest yet in the field, we bring to the market a lot of long forgotten techniques and understandings, we also brought a competition to the old managed market, we think that this is only for your benefits.

INOVA SPE, it’s not just about print, It’s about how you print!